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Shelter: Foundation Help Animals


Where: Belgrado, Serbia

Founded: 2000

Manager: Zlata Korjenic

Volunteers: no

Activity: shelter dogs, cats, possibly other animals such as rabbits


This organization arranges sterilization for stray cats as well as assistance for low income people by providing free sterilization for their cats. In the last two years, over 400 cats have been helped. Follow-up care is held in shelter Riska. The city of Belgrade pays for a program to catch and sterilize stray dogs (mainly female) who are then returned to their sites of capture. The animals are immediately vaccinated against rabies and microchipped. This organization also picks up injured animals and provides care for them. Another goal is political struggle for better enforcement of existing animal protection, which says that dogs and cats must be microchipped, vaccinated and sterilized at the expense of the state. As long as this does not happen, Serbia will be left with a big stray problem, and the mass killing of dogs and cats will continue.


Help Animals Foundation has two shelters, one for dogs: 'Riska' and one for cats: 'Jessica'. Total capacity is about 430 dogs and cats.

Supported by SBA since: 2005

Zlata Korjenic: 'The assistance of Foreign Shelters Foundation is very important to us. It allows us to grow and ensure continuity. We suffer from a chronic shortage of money. In Serbia, we have no culture of donors for a charity, so the assistance of SBA is incredibly important.'

Last extra help: in the first year

Wish list:

  • This shelter was built in 2000. Now, eleven years later, the iron fence at the shelter and the fencing around the dog area has deteriorated from use. The shelter has no funds for a new fence. Although three-quarters of the flooring is concrete, there are still dogs on the dirt floor, which rain turns into a mud bath.
  • The shelter needs two new puppy kennels.
  • The cats’ living/shelter area at Riska is in a lamentable state and needs renovation.
  • More sterilization operations for cats.

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