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Shelter: Sahipsiz Hayvanlari Koruma Dernegi (SHKD)



Where: Istanbul, Turkey

Founded: 1998

Manager: Bilge Okay

Volunteers: only permanent workers

Activity: This shelter cares for stray animals and tries to produce them a new home. For animals who cannot be kept in the kennel or placed in a new home, a fenced in forest area near the shelter serves as a space where they can be cared for and fed by the shelter. SHKD also sends a political lobby to the (national and local) government with a structural and humane solution to the stray dog problem. Too often, Turkey turns to isolation/confinement or killing to "handle" the stray animal problem. SHKD also disseminates information to the public about responsible treatment of animals, in particular the importance of castration / sterilization. SHKD especially tries to reach the Turkish youth. It also organizes regular shelter sterilization operations, working with the principle "Catch, Treat, and Return." Thus, the population will not continue with unbridled growth, but the animals will be able to continue to live and to do so in a familiar social context. SHKD is not limited to Istanbul, but also takes actions in other Turkish cities.

Capacity: more than 2.000 animals

Supported by SBA since: 2006
Bilge Okay:'We more than grateful to SBA for their ten years of support for our efforts to help needy dogs in Turkey. God bless you for all your help with the dogs we have saved.'

SBA assistance projects: helping the many sterilization operations SHKD organized.

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Latest news about this shelter:

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